Where do the asylum seekers sleep? Why do Iranians have illegal satellite dishes? How limited is the media that informs us about conflicts? Why do countries have borders? How is the islam in the Netherlands represented?
Just a few examples of questions Lou Muuse researched in her projects.

Lou Muuse is a online content creator, video reporter and photo journalist from the Netherlands. Her subjects of interest respond on urgent debates in society. Her curiosity triggers questions, these activate her inspiration and are a starting point for new projects. With a journalistic approach Lou visualise her anthropological observations. With this she tries to create new perspectives, to pull the viewer beyond their prejudice. 

Her visual tools are still and moving images. She also works with interactive storytelling and virtual reality. She mainly create projects in collaboration with a graphic designers and illustrators.

Currently working as a freelance photographer and a video journalist at Brandpunt+.

︎ curriculum vitae